About us

The Department aims to develop and integrate several lines of research related to the organization of the biological and functional analysis of biodiversity at the levels the molecular, cellular, systemic, and organismic popolazionistico. The research covers the fundamentals of the major biological disciplines, including evolutionary aspects, and biotechnological applications related to them. The quality and number of disciplines in the Department allow a wide and qualified training offered primarily for teaching in Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, and doctoral and master of all levels, subject to the participation in the educational activities of the Master of Science in Natural Sciences and Environment and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine.

The experimental approaches used are largely interdisciplinary, as increasingly required by the complexity of the problems and methodological innovations. To this end, it is of great importance to coexist in the Department of a wide range of specific skills related to different subject areas.

More detailed information about individual lines of research can be found in the pages of the teachers.

Director: Prof. Marco Oliverio

Email:  marco.oliverio@uniroma1.it

Administrative Secretary: Mr Paolo Valenti

Email:  paolo.valenti@uniroma1.it
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